What if …

What if instead of, or better yet in addition to, filling up million dollar auditoriums in 1st world cities, with thousands of people who already know God, who pay lots of money to listen to hear great music/ we used some of that money to fill up free fields in third world countries, and parks in impoverished neighborhoods, with thousands of people who don’t yet know God and used music to connect those people with God? To move the heart of God, and simultaneously move the hearts of people towards a God?

 What if we took our music, our worship outside the walls of the church? 

What if we took it on mission- to dark places, to lonely places, rather than just enjoy it for ourselves?

Music is a universal language understood world wide. I first got a grasp of this concept when I had the privilege of leading a team to Zimbabwe Africa to play music for a large crusade that was planned. We used music as a tool to 1. Attract and connect with people, and 2. to host the presence of the Lord and do battle with the enemy, preparing the battle ground for the Lords army. 

I watched a barren, vacant field in the bush turn into a roaring crowd of over 10,000 people who walked there because they could hear the music being played, and followed the sound and the lights to check out what was going on. 

I then watched as hundreds came forward to accept Christ. I saw demons cast out and the sick healed and it truly helped me understand the power of music on mission.

Something similar but even more dramatic happened long ago and it’s recorded in 2 Chronicles 20.  The people of God were surrounded by the Moabites and Ammonites and the armies of Seir who were about invade, rather than running or even fighting they trusted in the Lord and sent out the band to prepare the way of the Lord. And here’s what happened: “At the very moment they began to sing and give praise, the LORD caused the armies of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir to start fighting among themselves.” This turned a valley of despair into “The Valley Of Blessing”. And guess what they did in response? They struck up the band and praised like they never had before: “They marched into Jerusalem to the music of harps, lyres, and trumpets, and they proceeded to the Temple of the LORD.”